How can I help? You've probably asked yourself this question a lot recently. As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to increase around the world, so does the need for service and community. However, with many quarantine restrictions keeping people inside it can be hard to figure out the best way to serve and support the community around you. That's where Letter's of Love comes in.


Letters of Love is dedicated to making sure those who are working hard to fight COVID-19, and those who are still working during COVD-19 are seen and supported. We want our front-liners to know we are for them and we are with them, even if we have to stay 6 feet apart. So how can you help? It's simple. By clicking on the 'WRITE' button, you will be prompted to write a letter of love to our front-liners. These front-liners include health care workers, grocery stores clerks, USA mail services, small business owners, or any others you can think of. When writing your letter you will be asked to specify which group you want to send you letter to! Your letters will be delivered by LOL to their specified locations or virtually sent if needed. LOL will let you know when your love is on it's way! 

No amount of letters are too large! Send as many as you would like and get your friends and family on board. In times like these, a little can go a long way. Let's let our fellow humans know we see them and we are thankful.


Let's spread love, not germs.